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10 Apr

USPS Postal & shipping service

Hello, Friends today I am going to discuss Postal & courier services working all around the world. There are many things which you need to know what are these? So in this article, we will have a look at it.  USPS stands for United Nations Postal Service. It is very renowned postal service in the United States working for more than 200 years. It is the only one Shipping service which is authenticated by the Federal Government of United States.

As the technology is evolving on the daily basis so there is also a need to expand the postal & shipping work also integrate it with new technologies. Like now a days there lots of companies working in shipping work, they all are having their own standard rates to deliver the products from door to door.

But after the emergence of online shopping, this market has been extended to a large extent where we can order any product online and get it delivered at our door step. For example, if we are ordering a product from Ebay. It gives us an option to choose from different courier services so that you can get your product safely. Like in terms of Courier charges.

USPS services are very strong in the United States, if you order any product within US borders then the government has made a rule to ship everything at the uniform charge for a particular weight irrespective of location in the country. A government made it very clear while providing permissions to the companies.

Different types of services provided by USPS:

▪  Priority Mail International: within this service, Products & Postals are delivered in more than 190 countries.

▪  First class Mail service:  Send envelopes, Letters, Packages of small size with the maximum weight of 3.5 ounces.

▪  Media Mail: Under this category, you can send Books, Films, printed music, educational charts, sound records etc. ( Prices are based on weight)

▪  Priority mail express: Max. the charge is $18.30 for faster deliveries under this category.

▪  Parcel Select: It is slower service than Priority mail service. It is available only when you have applied it online, and if you are going to book it through Office then Standard Postal charges will be applicable.

▪  There are other lots of services are provided you can check them on USPS official website.

Track your order online: USPS tracking package

We people are having very keen interest in tracking our order where it is actually. So USPS has started the functionality of order tracking online. When you book your order to USPS service. You are given a 16 to 34 digits number. You can put it into the search bar given on the website  to track your orders online. USPS priority mail tracking, International tracking all can be tracked here on this website.

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